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The Bali Beat

Welcome to The Bali Beat!

Launched at start of the Covid-19 pandemic when access to English-language news and information was sorely lacking, The Bali Beat is a daily round-up of translated headlines and story summaries that has become an indispensable resource for foreigners who live on - or have any interests in - Indonesia’s Island of the Gods. It publishes Monday-Friday and arrives in inboxes at 08:00 local time each morning.


You can read the latest issue or scan through our archive of back issues here. If you’re keen to keep updated with the latest news in and about Bali, sign up here:

Boasting over 1,700 subscribers and 4,500+ daily readers, the newsletter is compiled by the local Outlanders team who scour dozens of local, national, and international media outlets for news items and gathers it into an easily-digestible update. Topics covered include the travel & tourism industry, the economy, changes to local laws and regulations, and much more. There is even a supplemental Sunday afternoon edition that provides insights into Covid-19 trends and an update on the government’s vaccination program.


Some notes about our editorial policies:


  • We only include news items from established media sources.

  • We do not include op-eds, forecasts, or rumors.

  • We do not express any opinions about any included news item.

  • We use Google Translate to convert stories written in the local language, Indonesian, into English. When including translated headlines or story excerpts, we do not make any material changes; we will only make grammatical edits when necessary. This is to ensure that we do not impose any outside influence on the content (other than what Google Translate imposes, of course).

  • A “Context” note may be added after an excerpt to include additional information and/or links to further reading on the topic.


Outlanders is committed to keeping The Bali Beat as a free resource for the community. To do this, we rely on donations, voluntary premium subscriptions, and by running a limited number of ads. If you’d like to get your message out to an audience of highly-engaged people in Bali, click here to learn more.

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