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Outlanders’ core mission is to help ground foreigners in the communities that they live in. One of the most basic ways to do this is by offering access to local news and information. In most cities and regions that attract foreigners, there are few - if any - media outlets that create or translate local news in English, or other non-native languages. We’re bridging that divide.


Each morning, our team scours the websites of local media outlets and scans social media to see what’s happening. Then we get to curating, gathering the most important & relevant news items into a single digestible summary that’s shared via e-mail and on social media.


We’re careful not to inject opinion or commentary into our newsletters. What we give outlanders is a round-up of news items in their original form translated into English, with links back to their original source. We’ll sometimes provide a bit of context to stories, but never in anything other than the form of referencing relevant source materials or linking to other/previous news items that address a similar topic.


We’re always trying new features bse don community needs and feedback. Sign up for one of our newsletters and let us know what you need to help keep you in the know about the place where you live!


Current Newsletters


Location                       Name

Bali, Indonesia             The Bali Beat

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