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Helping Bali

The Covid-19 outbreak has devastated the tourism-based economy on the island of Bali. As a result, thousands of families have been left without heir main source of income. In response, many independent, grassroots efforts have sprung up to try and direct food and other resources the most vulnerable people there. Below is a list of the projects operating on the ground that have been featured in The Bali Beat and/or who have reached out to us to be included in this list.


Further projects have registered themselves with Bali Solidarity.


*NOTE: Beside each listing we will note the last time we have independently confirmed their activities. While every effort has been made to confirm the validity of these initiatives, we can’t guarantee that they are all 100% above board. When groups are a part of – or associated with – licensed nonprofit foundations (“Yayasans”) we will include links to these organizations. If you’re motivated to give, check for extensive documentation of the work being done.



AidHub, a global foundation providing technology support to other nonprofit foundations, is using its office in Kerobokan to house a food bank to help feed local families who have lost their livelihoods due to the tourism sector’s collapse. AidHub founder Alan Morgan is raising money on GoFundMe to purchase the ingredients for food packs, with each pack containing a one-week supply of food and essentials for two people. The foundation is supplying the space and the manpower to organize and distribute the food, so 100% of all money raised will go towards buying food and preparing the packs. So far they’ve provided more than 324,000 meals. You can contribute to their efforts here. (May 21, 2021)

Bali Animal Food Bank

Bali Animal Food Bank.png

Bali Animal Food Bank is an organization established by Sourcing Asia (Andrew De Jong), Bali Beach Shack (Robby Reid) and Bali Pet Crusaders (Deb Banfield), that is associated with the Manusia Untuk Masyarakat Bali Foundatiion. They help feed dogs and cats who have been abandoned or are suffering from neglect because of the Covid-19 crisis. A food bank operates on the second and fourth Saturday of every month to distribute food (check their social media for locations). Those on the island can also leave food donations, or you can make a financial contribution on their GoFundMe page. Follow their work on their Facebook page. (May 21, 2021)

Bali Strong

Bali Strong.jpg

Scholars of Sustenance (SOS), a licensed food distribution foundation, has launched “Bali Strong” – an initiative to provide nutrition to Balinese in need. SOS distributes food to orphanages, nonprofit organizations, and villages in Northeast Bali that struggle to obtain necessary nutrition. Food suppliers, restaurants, hotels, foundations, culinary professionals, and individuals can get involved by helping them stock their “community fridges” with donated food, by purchasing staples that can be delivered to needy families, or by making a financial contribution. Learn more about the Bali Strong effort and see videos of their team in action on their Facebook page.

Goddess Kitchen

Goddess Kitchen.jpg

Goddess Kitchen is a completely nonprofit organization that makes and distributes food and other fundamental necessities to vulnerable women and girls in Bali. Covid-19 has heavily impacted thousands of single women and mothers who need support to meet their daily needs. Goddess Retreats and High Vibe Tribe have contributed their premises, staff, and resources along with weekly donations to provide care packs and cooked meals for as many at-risk women and children and families as they can. 100% of donated funds go directly to purchasing food and products for weekly care packs. You can follow their updates on their Instagram page and donate via PayPal here.

Karma House Bali

Karma House.jpg

The Ubud tattoo parlor is donating a portion of the proceeds from every tattoo inked to their fund to feed families in Bali. Each tattoo completed allows them to feed a family for two weeks. In addition, they’re using their shop as a hub for the distribution of supplies to families in need in the area, and they’ve launched a fundraising effort to raise money to support these efforts. You can make a direct donation on their Acts Of Kindness Collective page here.

The Kolewa Foundation

Kolewa Foundation.jpg

Operating in Indonesia since 2010, the goal of the Kolewa Foundation is to give children who cannot participate in their local community because of physical inabilities a chance for a reasonable place in society. During the Covid-19 crisis they are distributing food packages to families in Denpasar, Jimbaran, and Karangasem who have children enrolled in their programs (deaf children, cleft-lip children, scholarships for special education, and parents with newborn babies) - a total of 120 families. They are also offering online classes in sign language and distributing water filters. You can learn more about their work and their history on their website here, you can see updates on their work on their Facebook page, and you can donate directly to their foundation here.



Donating aid to people on the island since 2011, and having been personally endorsed by Former Governor Made Mangku Pastika and the Bali Government Tourism Office, Solemen is one of the most respected and trusted charities in Bali. In response to Covid-19, they are providing continuing support to the 500 families that they have been helping, in addition to providing food packs and medication to others in need. They are accepting donations via their website where they also detail what your money will buy. You can also drop off donations of food at several drop-off points, including at some supermarkets - find the list of places here. Follow updates on their activities on their Facebook page.

Something 4 Bali 2

Something 4 Bali 2.jpg

Australian villa owners Peter and Christine Johnson have been raising money and delivering food packs to families in need on the island. All money raised is used to assemble a package that can feed a family for one month: 5 kilogram of rice, 1 liter of cooking oil, a 425 gram can of sardines, 10 packets of noodles, 400 grams of garlic, 400 grams of red onion, and 2 bars of soap in a reusable carry bag. “We are simply caring expats living in Bali concerned for the welfare of all who have lost their jobs during and no doubt post-Covid-19. Our goal is to get as much rice to these unfortunate people ASAP. No charges, no management fees. Our help is free.” You can donate to their efforts on their GoFundMe page here and follow their progress on their Facebook page here.



BAWA is a nonprofit organization working to save, protect, and improve the lives of animals in Bali and beyond. BAWA’s core programs include 24-hour emergency response and rescue, street-feeding for stray populations, humane population control and disease control, and community education and advocacy. In response to Covid-19, BAWA has ramped up street-feeding from two to eight teams to support local communities in feeding stray and owned dogs, and is working harder than ever to assess, medicate, treat and rescue the rising number of sick, injured, abandoned and suffering animals across Bali. BAWA relies entirely on donations to run these programs and needs your help to continue saving lives every day. Visit their website here. (May 21, 2021)

Bali Hope

Bali Hope 1.png

Founded by Tom Hickman, Bali Hope brings together teams of endurance sport enthusiasts, everyday heroes, and elite athletes for unique missions focused on making a specific impact for disadvantaged communities. After Tom’s solo attempt to run across Bali in 2017 raised AU$10,000, he decided to build a team to increase the impact and in May 2018 the first Bali Hope Ultra took place. Since then Bali Hope events have raised over AU$450,000 for the award-winning charity Bali Children Foundation. The third Bali Hope Challenge launches on May 28 and continues through June. Find out how to get involved here and follow their updates on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Crisis Kitchen Bali

Crisis Kitchen Bali.jpg

What started as a pop-up project to offer pick-up meals to neighbors around the small restaurant Tropicana Churros Cafe in Umalas has grown into a larger effort to deliver meals and grocery packs for families in need. They are working with local communities and supporting partners to source supplies and deliver grocery packs. You can follow their efforts and see video updates on their progress, as well as get in touch about how you can help them directly, by checking out their Facebook page. You can support them with a donation on their GoFundMe page.

Ikan Kecil Amed Bali Food Bank & Community Centre


“Ikan Kecil” means “small fish.” IKAB is a licensed nonprofit that serves underprivileged families in North Bali. Born from the ashes of the Mount Agung eruption and evacuations of 2017, they worked with locals and local authorities to ensure that evacuees’ needs were met in terms of shelter, first aid, communications, food, water, and sanitation. Their work has continued and grown through the creation of ancillary groups that focus on different areas of expertise such as Amed Bali First Aid, the Do Well Project, and Precious Plastic Amed Bali; and because of the Covid-19 crisis, the number of impoverished people in need continues to grow. To learn more about their work and to get information on how you can donate, visit their Facebook page.

Let’s Help Bali

Let_s Help Bali.png

Amanda Rialdi and Ellie Gee are organizing the purchase, packaging and delivery of food drops to local families. They buy from local vendors and employ drivers and hotel workers who’ve lost their jobs to handle deliveries, ensuring that all money raised goes directly to the communities that need it. You can learn about their efforts in this ABC News profile. To get in touch about contributing, buying a food pack for a family, or donating, visit their Facebook page.

The People Must Makan

The People Must Makan.png

“The People Must Makan” means “the people must eat.” Local photographer/videographer David Biner (Indo Eye) is raising money to purchase and deliver food to people in need. He’s been working with the BaliLife Foundation and others to establish connections with local banjar leaders and identify individuals and families that are struggling as a result of the economic crisis. He’s documenting his activities and providing regular updates on the BaliLife Foundation Instagram page, where you can contact him to offer support. You can contribute to his efforts via his GoFundMe page.

Yayasan Team Action for Amed

Yayasan Team Action Amed.jpg

During the Mount Agung eruptions in 2017, a group of local Balinese and foreign residents formed Yayasan Team Action for Amed to provide assistance to the evacuees in the form of food, clothing, bedding, toiletries, health care, cleaning supplies and other items. Since then they’ve kept up their efforts to help communities in East Bali; today they’re working closely with village leaders to provide aid packages to the elderly, sick, disabled, widowed and poverty-stricken families. Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages to see how they’ve been helping and to get in touch, or you can support their efforts by making a donation on their GoFundMe page.

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