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Community Comment

The Bali Beat is a resource for people who live on, or who have a vested interest in, Indonesia’s Island of the Gods. Our core mission is to make sure that the most important news about Bali is made available to readers every day so that they have access to the best, most up-to-date information about the island.


While we monitor and include news items from a wide range of media outlets in Bali, across Indonesia, and around the world, our editorial policy is to not include any columns, editorials, or op-eds. We do this not only to keep the newsletter from getting too long, but because the focus of our daily emails is on delivering sourced, verifiable information to our readers. We do not have an Editorial Board and do not take positions on issues that appear in the news.


At the same time, we want readers to have space on our platform, a place where they can share their thoughts about the issues of the day and ideas for the future. “Community Voices” is a regular, stand-alone Sunday feature where reader-submitted op-eds are shared with subscribers.

Editorial Guidelines

  • An op-ed is an opinion essay written by an outside contributor. It should have a clear point of view or argument supported by specific evidence. It does not represent the opinions of The Bali Beat.

  • We do not publish anonymous pieces. Ideas worth sharing are worth attaching your name to.

  • Op-eds are limited to 1,000 words (though 800 words is ideal).

  • Please be prepared to provide references for any factual claims in your piece. For example, if you use the population of Bali as a point in your argument, we may ask you to cite your source for that figure when we follow up.

  • Please disclose any personal or financial connection that you have to the topic of your piece. (Having one may not necessarily disqualify you from writing about it.)

  • While we will not alter your opinion or the “voice” of your piece, we will work with you to edit it for clarity and precision of language, or for logic and organization. We will also edit it for grammar and style.

  • The submission form below does not allow for anything other than plain text, so things like italics, bold or bullet points will not come through. Don’t worry about this. We’ll be following up with you soon after you send the text through to discuss your copy; you can let us know about any formatting issues at that time.

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