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Advertising In The Bali Beat

Thanks for your interest in placing an ad in the The Bali Beat newsletter! We are committed to keeping the newsletter free, and the inclusion of ads allows us to devote more time to curating the daily news and Covid-19 statistics. Your support makes it possible to keep this an open resource for all.


Why take out a listing in the The Bali Beat?


Your event, product, service, and/or brand will reach a sizable audience of people who live in Bali or are extremely interested in what's happening on the island. We offer several ways for you to present your message at varying price levels, ensuing that everyone who needs to - regardless of their resource level - can access our community of readers.

Event Listings

One of the most-requested features from our readers since our launch has been a section devoted to updates about events going on around the island. So we’ve carved out a space after one of our most popular sections where businesses and social organizations can let our community of readers know what they’ve got going on. In order to accommodate as many events as possible without overwhelming readers, we’ve limited this space to 5 listings per day. Each slot will include the venue or organization name, followed by a short description of the event, the date when the event takes place, and a link to a page where readers can find more information.


Here’s an example of what your listing will look like:

Newsletter image.png

The event listing requirements are:

  • Your venue/organization name;

  • The copy, 100 characters (not words) max;

  • The event date;

  • A click-through link.

*NOTE: In an effort to support local Bali businesses and make these slots as widely available as possible, Event Listings can be booked for a maximum of three (3) consecutive days per week, per venue/organization using the order form below. To book longer runs, please contact us at

Event Listing
Classified Ads

The Classifieds are exactly what they sound like: A piece of newsletter real estate where you can post a message. Classifieds are limited to 3 slots per day in between the “Big News” and “Other Headlines” sections, ensuring prominence of placement and that messages don’t get lost. Here’s an example of what your ad will look like:


The ad requirements are:

  • The copy, 280 characters (not words) max;

  • A click-through link

Classified Ads

Looking for a way to stand out? A sponsorship is a way for you to deeply attach your brand to the newsletter. When you sponsor The Bali Beat, your brand will appear in the e-mail subject line of every subscriber. You’ll also be able to include a banner ad at the very top of the newsletter. Finally, you’ll get a classified ad in an exclusive slot next to one of our most popular daily features. Here’s an example of what each element of a sponsorship looks like:


The sponsorship requirements are:

  • Your brand name as you want it to appear in the e-mail subject line, 20 characters maximum

  • A banner ad, in .JPG or .GIF format, sized to 1,100 x 200 pixels

  • The ad copy, 280 characters (not words) maximum

  • A click-through link

Editorial Policy

In terms of editorial guidelines for ads, we keep it simple: Be thoughtful, be useful, and be respectful. That’s about it. You’re free to compose the copy however you like — the more entertaining, the better (like everything else, really) — but it is subject to our final review before placement. We’ll check all copy for spelling and grammar for you, and we’ll let you know if there are any issues with acceptability standards (i.e. vulgar language, etc.). In terms of what kinds of products and services are OK to advertise on our pages, so long as it is legal in Indonesia, it is OK to publish.

Advertising Rates

Prices for ads are based on industry-standard CPMs (“costs per mile;” each CPM = 1,000 readers). We’ll provide you with details on the newsletter’s reach when you inquire about placing an ad. However, in the meantime, we can tell you that we boast an industry-leading open rate (the number of subscribers who open each newsletter), and a click-through rate (the number of readers who click on at least one link) that is much higher than the rates of a typical Media & Publishing newsletter. In addition, our readership is vastly extended — by more than 250% — through organic sharing and social media discovery. Each of these indicators reflects robust levels of engagement.

All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

Event Listing

Currently, event listings are $5/day. After submission, our team will follow up with you to let you know if your requested run date is available.

USD - Events.jpg


One classified listing costs US$120, which gets you placement in one newsletter. There are bundled discounts for multiple-day buys:

Rates (US)-Classifieds.jpg
  • Three (3) listings: 5% discount

  • Four (4) listings: 10% discount

  • Five (5) listings: 15% discount

  • Month-long (20 business days) listing: 20% discount = one free day per week of the run


A single-week sponsorship of the newsletter is $763. We offer weekly, fortnightly, and monthly runs, with the flexibility to refresh your banner art and ad copy once per week.

Rates (US)-Sponsorships.jpg

Getting Started

If you’ve got questions about the rates, our readership, or if you just want help writing your copy, send an e-mail to Sales.Bali@Outlanders.Global with your inquiry and we’ll follow up by the next business day. Or, if you’d rather just get things moving straight away, you can place your order using the form below.

Advertising Rates
Place Order
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