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An information and resource hub for the global expat community powered by users.

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Who We Serve

People who live outside of their home countries, outlanders, are - by choice or necessity - explorers, dreamers, and innovators. They’re curious, open to new experiences & connections, and eager to engage with the culture they live within. We use the power of digital delivery systems and mobile platforms to break down barriers of entry, foster community, and drive engagement with the world around us.

Who We Are

Outlanders are breaking down barriers as they move, driving change across the world. We live in every country, come from every corner of the globe, and are fueled by the drive to constantly try new things- to keep learning.

Our mission is to create content and tools that empower people to move overseas, enable them to thrive once they get there, and foster a feeling of connection to the global community of outlanders no matter where they are.

If you’re at home even though you’re out of place, you’re an outlander, just like us.

What We Do

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The first step to being connected is being informed. Understanding comes from knowledge, which is why our goal is the make sure that outlanders have access the same news and information that locals do, no matter where they are.

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Moving anywhere is a challenge. Moving internationally is a mission. Our guides make “Mission: Accomplished” a realistic goal for anyone moved to undertake it. More than checklists of things you need to do before you move; our guides are in-depth, hyper detailed breakdowns of exactly how to do everything from navigate customs & transit form the airport, to paying your electric bill, to starting a local business.

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Outlanders is a community, and communities need to meet up. Our teams are dedicated to creating spaces for IRL connections to happen wherever we are by planning events that bring us together, often in partnership with already-established global organizations. And our events management tool gives every outlander the ability to plan and share their own events across our network + their favorite social media platforms.

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More to come!

We’re just getting started!

Outlanders is all about affirming the identity of people everywhere who live outside their places of origin, as well as giving them tools to live their best lives - and to help their fellow outlanders live theirs - no matter where they find themselves. We’ve got plans for many more ways to make this happen. If you’d like to be a part of this mission, please sign up for updates!

Contact Us

Outlanders Global Ltd, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, UK

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